My name is Sergio Ingravalle. I am a graphic designer from Germany and I am focused on fashion graphics since 2007. Working for huge brands like Esprit shows me the importance of constant researching within this profession. As a designer I think traveling, meeting people, visiting countries and getting in contact with design cultures is not just a broadening of personal, but also of professional horizons.

So on 2nd of January 2011, I started a trip from Sydney to Beijing in 4 and a half month. The gained experiences are the basis of this blog. Here you can find design highlights and authentic insights into different and unknown (german: fremd) cultures.

I am always happy to get feedback, advice or greetings. So please feel free to contact me (fremddesign@web.de) or to leave comments on this blog.

Enjoy your stay and let yourself be surprised.

Ciao ciao