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Viele Artworks von Patrick Brown sinds dynamisch, voller Action und detailreich.
Patrick Brown loves his artworks to be dynamic, full of action and detailed.
Launceston (Australia)
Im Netzwerk hat sich Patrick Brown in den letzten vier Jahren einen Namen gemacht. Der junge Graphic Designer aus Launceston, Tasmanien lässt sich am liebsten von Videospiele und Actionfilme inspirieren und fertigt Illustrationen an, die ihm bereits eine Million Profilklicks eingebracht haben. Der junge Mann, mit dem eintätowierten Spiderman Logo auf dem Unterarm, ist auf dem besten Weg seinen Traumberuf zu ergattern: Das erstellen von Artworks in der Videospielindustrie. Die Chancen stehen sehr gut. Er ist nicht nur in der engeren Wahl bei dem millionenschweren Spieleentwickler Rockstar Games (GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, Midnight Club), seine Illustrationen hängen bereits an den Bürowänden des Entwicklers. Mit etwas Glück wird also die Verpackung von dem nächsten Grand Theft Auto Spiel mit seinem Artwork geschmückt sein.
Patrick Brown lives in Launceston, Tasmania and made a name for himself on the Internet. His profile on the network counts over a million hits. The young man with the Spiderman logo on his forearm loves movies and video games. This is his main inspiration and he is working hard to achieve his long time dream: Working as an illustrator for the video game industry. And it seems to get closer. The game developer Rockstar Games (GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, Midnight Club) likes his work and and his artworks are featured on the The Official Playstation Magazine, regularly.

What did you study and how did you get into drawing?
I studied Graphic Design in Launceston, Tasmania. I always used the Macs there after hours to draw. I have been drawn all my life and I wanted to improve with that.

What do you do to pay your bills?
I am a graphic designer for the local newspaper "Examiner" here in Launceston. I layout a lot. It is still pretty creative, but there is no drawing involved in what I do.
I recently got a bit of work out of my drawings. That is a dream for a long time. It is for the Official Playstation Magazine in France. Every month I do a fan artwork which will be printed across two pages in the magazine. It will be based on the latest games or movies. I'm working on my second right now. The first was for the game Killzone 3 and now I'm working on the artwork for Deus Ex - Human Revolution. It's really exiting.
And beside everything I am working on a bigger comic idea. I want to build up my own thing from the ground.

So you are a gamer?
Yes, I love video games. It really inspires me with my artworks. I like action scenes, explosions and all that stuff.

What is your favorite game?
Grand Theft Auto 4.

What inspires you beside video games?
Movies. I am a big movie guru. The Spider Man series and Inception inspired me.

You are very successful on the network. You got over 1,2 million clicks. How important is this platform to you?
It is very, very important. It keeps me going. When I got to, people left comments and judged my artworks. It gave me that boost to improve more and more. Over the last few years I got so much feedback. It is very exciting and I like to thank deviantart for that. I also do internet polls where people can vote and tell me what artwork or theme they would like to see. I've gone through different stages and I really want to get a style that applies to everybody and not just to one kind of group.

How do you begin your work, for example for the magazine and the Deus Ex artwork?
At first I do research. I look at the trailer, look at the environments and want to stick to the style of the game. When it is an action game like Deus Ex, I want the artwork to be dynamic. For GTA I focus on grunge and crime. It's a dark style. I have to stick to the theme.
Than I have an exact picture in my head and draw on paper first and scan it into Photoshop. I work a lot with the Wacom Tablet and use Photoshop CS5. I draw my hole picture and leave it for two hours. When I come back I see what I have to fix. Right now I've decided to put the digital art aside and focus more on sketches. I'm doing a drawing a day and I always look at the way how anatomy works.

How long do you take for one artwork?
Sometimes it takes 10 to 15 hours. I don't like to rush. The GTA-Tribute picture with a lot of characters took me a hole week.

Which artist do you like the most?
My all time favorite artist is Humberto Ramos from Mexico. He did some Spider Man artworks and was like a guideline. On his work I could see how things can look great.

What is your dream job?
To work for Rockstar Games. I got contacted by them and they told me that the Rockstar Team is a big fan of my artworks. They have my them on the walls. Actually there is a chance to get the job there. If so, I would move directly to New York. I love graphic design and work with typo, but my dream is to do posters or packaging designs for video games.

What does creativity mean to you?
It means everything to me. I like to push my imagination to the limit. I often have a picture in my head and I think about how creative I can get with that idea. It's all about my imagination, details and just spend time with the idea.

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